In the world of high-end collector volumes, Rhino distinguishes itself in this debut release with the same passion and dedication that has made it the leading caretaker of musical legacies for three decades. Crafted to the highest standards using superior materials, this signed limited edition is not just defined by its exceptional content, but the quality of paper, binding, inks and printing.

In the current time of hyper-mass replication and do-it-yourself, computer-driven expression, it is now photography that is enjoying a new level of respect. Quality collectible prints, like the one included in the deluxe edition of Let It Bleed, are still made with human hands in a dark room, in the traditional execution of a 150 year-old art form.

420 pages, 15" x 12" page format, limited to 2600 copies, each signed and numbered by author/photographer Ethan Russell. The first 750 are presented as a Deluxe Edition, boxed in an impressive 16-3/4 x 19 x 5" clamshell case and containing a signed, limited hand-made gelatin silver print.

Color and black-and-white photographs are printed in 5-color process with image varnish. Black halftones overprint metallic silver with image varnish, printed on heavy weight matte coated paper from Belgium.